Three Little Tomatoes

The weekend before last Andy and I took a trip to my parents’ house in North Carolina for Easter.  Just as we were about to pull out of the driveway to head back to the big city, my mom popped a bag full of tomatoes in the back seat.  This was no surprise to me because tomato giving is sort of a family tradition.  My grandfather is notorious for giving away tomatoes.  In fact, he will buy large amounts of them just so he can drive around and drop them off with his friends.  Perhaps he thinks that you can never have too many tomatoes, but I really think the reason is that he just needs an excuse to visit with people.  He may actually be the most social person I know.  If there is a gene for chattiness, I definitely got it from him

So, back to the tomatoes.  I think it’s time for a little audience participation.  These babies have been sitting on my windowsill for over a week, getting all ripe and red, and now we’re at the point where I definitely have to use them.  So, dear readers, I’m asking for your suggestions!  What should I do with them when I get home from work tonight?  All suggestions appreciated, but preference will be given to those with simple ingredients.  I’ve already used one in my Broken Heart Chicken Tacos and two in a simple cucumber tomato salad with my Basil Vinaigrette.  What else can I do?  As a side note, I will also be making Gruyere Mac n’ Cheese tonight, so bonus points to anything that could pair with that!

And just so that you all can picture my precious grandfather delivering tomatoes, here’s a shot from this past Christmas:


4 thoughts on “Three Little Tomatoes

  1. Your Grandpa is so sweet! Those tomatoes look really beautiful so I would hate cooking them. I would use one for breakfast sliced on a pice of toast spread with mayo and nice ripe avacado, sea salt and fresh cracked pepper and a drizzle of olive oil. With the mac ‘n cheese I would slice and drizzle with balsamic glaze as a side. Hate to do much to alter them from their original state.

  2. Those tomatoes are from the Dew Drop Farm in North Carolina…They do have the best flavor to be just eaten with a bit of salt and pepper atop a slice of bread dressed with mayo.

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