Not Your Grandmother’s Pea Soup

Pea soup. It’s a combination of words that conjures images of either really awful rainy weather or some pukey green color that is not at all appetizing. But this pea soup? It’s the essence of spring in a bowl and incredibly healthy and filling to boot.We made it a couple of weeks ago for our Easter feast. We started the day by getting all gussied up and going to church with the President (yes, THE President). And we ended the day with a seriously good meal – and seriously good company.

Toasting our tastiness with TJ.  (love the alliteration?)

Toasting our tastiness with TJ. (love the alliteration?)

I decided that it wouldn’t be Easter without ham, so our protein was a given. And I coupled it with some super rich scalloped potatoes and some gorgeous peeled and poached asparagus. TJ, one of Andy’s coworkers, came over and added his culinary genius as well – sauteed cabbage with whole grain mustard. And he also took my ho-hum mayo and dijon sauce for the asparagus and blended it with whole hard-boiled eggs (yep, he just popped my poorly colored Easter eggs in the blender!), to make a gorgeously thick and flavorful sauce that complimented almost everything on the plate.



And eggs!

And eggs!

But it was the soup that really kickstarted the meal.

I’d been playing around with this concept for a couple of weeks and I hadn’t really gotten it right yet. But this time I hit the nail on the head. If you have a pot and a blender (or immersion blender) you can make this soup.

And it’s splendid when topped with just a dollop of crème fraiche, chives, and thinly sliced radishes. Not only do the colors pop, but the radishes add just the right amount of crunch without taking away from the smoothness of the soup.

Try it. Love it. Taste the taste of spring!

Gorgeous green-ness.

Gorgeous green-ness.

Pea Soup

½ to ¾ medium onion, chopped
2-3 tablespoons olive oil or butter (or a combination of both)
Salt and pepper
1 box vegetable stock
1 bag of frozen peas
Crème fraiche, chives, and radishes for garnishing.

In a medium pot heat the butter and/or olive oil on medium heat and then sauté chopped onion until soft and translucent. Season with salt and pepper.

Add about ¾ of the stock and bring to a simmer for 3-5 minutes. Add frozen peas to the pot. If the stock doesn’t cover the peas then add the rest of it. You basically want the liquid to just cover the peas. Cover the pot and bring just to a simmer once more. You do not want to overcook the peas – they should bright green.

Transfer contents of pot to a blender or use your immersion blender to vigorously blend the soup until totally smooth. You may have to work in batches with a regular blender. Transfer back to the pot, taste and season accordingly. Keep warm.

When you’re ready to serve, finely chop the chives and thinly slice the radishes. Pour soup into bowls and spoon some crème fraiche on top. Add a few slices of radish and a sprinkle of chives and enjoy!


Loving the colorful flavors of spring.

Loving the colorful flavors of spring.


One thought on “Not Your Grandmother’s Pea Soup

  1. Excellent, Elizabeth. Can’t wait to try this this. I would love to know more about the sautéed cabbage. Love the pictures…you are truly gifted in your writing. Photography and your presentation..Of course ….why wouldn’t you be. Your mother is gifted in these things as well. Blessings to you and may all tour dreams come true. Sue Corbett

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